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    Let our accomplished staff help you meet your goals as an athlete.   Meet the staff  

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    We have programs available for all ages and ability levels to help you achieve your goals.  Please contact the facility […]

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    The Varsity Shop Training Center enforces a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. Notifications for a cancelled or rescheduled lesson must be made […]

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ATA 1/14 extra work

extra work Running 1 mile run, add incline if on treadmill exercise sets/reps rest notes db squat and press 3 […]

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ATA Extra Work 1/8

Running aggressive pace 1.5 mile run exercise sets/reps rest notes db squat and curl 3 x 8-12   hold numbers […]

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List of Current Programs

Session Sport Age Register
Winter Break Baseball Camp Baseball Grades Grades K-5 Register Here
2016 Spring Break Camp Baseball Grades K-8 Register Here
2016 Tryout Prep Camp Baseball Grades 9th-12th Grade Register Here
2016 Future Aces Baseball Grades Grades 2-5 Register Here
2016 hitting K-5 Baseball Grades Grades K-5 Register Here
2016 Future Stars Baseball Grades k-5 Register Here
2016 Hitting 6-12 Baseball Grades Grades 6-12 Register Here
2016 Pitching 6-8 Baseball Grades Grades 6-8 Register Here
Varsity Prospects 2016 Baseball Grades Grades 6-8 Register Here
M.V.P. 2016 Baseball Grades Grades 9-12 Register Here

Latest Videos

Goblet hold narrow stance squats with a holiday theme

We use the narrow stance squats to activate the hips more effectively during the exercise.

Slide Board Work

Lateral Plyometric work



VSTC – Towel Drills

Towel drills are a great way to work on your throwing mechanics in higher volumes without having to make too many throws.  Here we are using towel drills to get our Advanced Throwing Academy athletes back into throwing after their 6 weeks off of throwing.

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